Other Brand Products

All Types of Micrometer...

Gear Tooth Vernier

Vernier Caliper / Digital Caliper / Dial Caliper /Depth Caliper

Plunger Dial / Lever Dial

Universal Magnetic Stand

Dial Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauge for more

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge

Pressure Gauge / Vaccum Gauge

Weld Fillet Gauge / Weld Gauge

Profile Projector


Hardness Tester

Shore Hardness Tester

Diamond Indentor for Hardness Tester

All Types of Height Gauge

Surface Roughness Comparision Chart


Volt meter


Conductivity Meter

Cross Hatch Cutter

Adhesive Tape for Cross Hatch Cutter

Degree Protector

Tacho Meter

Digital Force Gauge

Digital Gloss Meter

Digital Hygrometer

Moisture Meter

PH Meter

TDS Meter

Vibration Meter

Thermo-Humidity Meter

Digital Protector

Sound Level Meter

Dowel Pin

Edge Finder

Electronic Weighing Scale


Feeler Gauge

Ford Cup


Laser Distance Meter

Lux Meter

V Blocks


Paint Impact Tester

Insulation Tester

Pistol Caliper

Pitch Gauge

Electronic Probe

Push Pull Gauge

Radius Gauge

Right Angle

Sine Bar

Spring Devider

Straight Edge

Magnetic Stand

Taper Gauge

Spring Caliper

Roughness Tester

Magnifying Glass

Portable Refractometer

Digital Level and Protector

Dial Test Indicator Holder

Surface Roughness Specimen

Surface Profile Gauge

Gloss Meter

Dial Tension Gauge

Torque Screw Driver

Micrometer Stand

Magnetic Chuck

Length Bar

Thread Taps and Dies

Tool Bit

Milling Cutter

Insert Tip

precision Milling Wise

HSS Tool Bit Blank

HSS Endmills , Reamers & Annual Cutters

Hand & Power HACKSAWS

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade

BIMETAL Bandsaw Blade

Bandsawa Machine

Carbide Tipped Tools

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

Solid Carbide Drills

Solid Carbide End Mills